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"Sir, the Wisemen Team is present and ready for the hunt."
Curtis Blum[src]

The Wiseman Team.

The Wisemen Team were a group of elite Blackwatch operatives. Cpt. Robert Cross led the team during the Manhattan outbreak as he was instructed by General Peter Randall.[1][2]


The Wisemen Team's primary mission was to hunt down and contain Alex Mercer. Cpt. Cross was ordered to inject Mercer with a pathogen so that it may generate a possible cure for the viral outbreak in New York City and weakening Mercer in this process. Cross succeeds in cornering Mercer in one of the Infected hives and battles him.[3]

The Wisemen team did their best to subdue Mercer within this hive, as Cross fought him. Unfortunately, many, if not all, of the team with the exception of Cross were killed in the skirmish between the infected and Mercer. Realizing that Mercer can't be beaten, the surviving Cross turns tail and escapes the hive, where he manages to inject Mercer with the pathogen. The victorious Cross then radios for a containment device to carry Mercer, only to find Mercer had escaped.[3]