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Heller against Blackwatch forces

Heller using a Gatling gun.

Weaponization is an ability adopted by James Heller, who weaponizes parts of vehicles by physically removing them from the vehicle.

Unlike Alex Mercer, who had to consume military personnel in order to gain knowledge of how to use the various weapons, Heller can use a variety of weapons attached to vehicles due to his military training.[1][2]

During the escort mission where Heller first finds Roland, you can pick up a vehicular weapon later in the mission. When this is done, one of your fellow escort men will ask Heller if he lifts much, to which Heller replies by stating that he eats a lot of protein.

Tow LauncherEdit

Heller can access Tow Launchers by weaponizing APCs. They have a low rate of fire and are highly damaging.

Rocket PodEdit

Heller can access Rocket Pods by weaponizing Helicopters. They have more rounds of ammunition than Tow Launchers.

Gatling GunEdit

Heller can access Gatling Guns by weaponizing Tanks. They carry large supplies of ammo and quickly chip away at the health of any target.

Missile LauncherEdit

Heller can access Missile Launchers by weaponizing Assault Helicopters. They carry fewer rounds of ammunition than Rocket Pods but deal significantly more damage.


In the only DLC pack Collosal Mayhem, Heller can access this weapon. It however, is the only weapon in the DLC packs to resemble a weaponised rocket launcher from the thermobaric helicopter in Project Firehawk. Although in the mission you cannot rip off the launcher pod because it may be the reason why it is only useable in the DLC pack, impossible to weaponize the helicopter and how it may be a ripped part of the pod and one of the side of the helicopter it does not look like what it is and could also be a remade launcher pod.



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