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Wall Crawling is a vital power. It is the counterpart to Wall Running, in which Prototypes can utilize it to sneak behind enemy bystanders without as much detection from the government forces, such as Blackwatch soldiers.

Tactical Overview[]

Wall Crawling is when Alex Mercer channels his biomass into his palms and feet, then he crawls onto walls. Unlike wall running, Alex cannot go at rapid movement speed or escape as far or wide, since he is trying to crawl and seems to be using force that slows him down. However besides drawbacks, he will climb onto the edge of a building or object when he reaches the top and also he can either sprint or charge jump while doing wall crawl, maybe because he is able to dismount at any time he wants and it doesn't restrict those two options.


Alex Mercer can still be detected by Super Soldiers and Viral Detectors when he does this power, however, he can also be detected by the military, if he clings to the side of the wall near them.

Civilians who see him doing it will be astonished or whisper.

As said, Alex Mercer will be more slower when using this power.

Alex can also dismount off the wall and do parkour.