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"The worker-bees -- the Walkers -- they just do as they're told."
―Kyle Flynn explaining about Walkers.[src]
In-Game Information
Affiliations Elizabeth Greene
Variations Male
Weapons Under-developed blade arm.
Misc. Information
Health Medium Low
Attacks Swing or maul their target.
Appears in Prototype
Prototype 2

Walkers are one of the various types of Infected that make up the infected army. More powerful than the Infected Citizens, yet vastly weaker than the Hunters, Walkers are mainly a threat in great numbers.[1]



The walkers were citizens and soldiers, mutated due to exposure to the Blacklight virus. They were incubated inside a hive and released from large pustule-like growths on the outer walls of the hive. Unlike their "cousins," the walkers had massive deformities throughout their bodies and well-developed muscle mass. The clothes were often very torn and barely hung from their fleshy skins. The Walkers were capable of killing an infantryman with a single blow, leaping inhuman heights, and climbing vertical surfaces.


The walkers came in a variety of forms, but they all shared one characteristic; It is his sword, a very incomplete and underdeveloped version of Mercer's Blade. This weapon was capable of piercing through bulletproof armor, but did no more than minimal damage to Mercer unless the Walkers attacked in large numbers. Males were larger than their female counterparts, and their greatest variation was a swollen, dark-skinned body. This type of Walker was common and presumably belonged to a gang prior to infection. His head was tilted at an inhuman angle due to a growth on his neck, and he wore accessory chains.

Walkers released from incubation in an Infected Hive.

The smaller male variant wore a tattered white dress shirt and a pair of ripped dress pants, and appeared to have no skin on its body which gave it a reddish hue; distinguishable from crowds of infected. The female variant's facial features were lost in its mass of deformed flesh, and only a few tufts of hair remained on the cranium.[1]

Two other types of Walkers appeared later as the infection spread; a police-officer variant and a military variant. Both wore their respective uniforms, even though the outfits were in pieces. They behaved like the rest of the walkers, though they seemed to move more swiftly.[1]

In NYZ, Walkers wear the tattered remnants of Green Zone casual clothing, Yellow Zone refugee survival gear, the HAZMAT suits of Gentek scientists, or the armor worn by Blackwatch troopers and/or Marine fatigues, both with the helmets/facial guards removed by large tumors and with shredded gloves.


A Marine variant.

A common trait shared with other infected, Walkers exhibited a 'pack mentality', which was later explained to be due to the hive mind controlled by Greene.[2] the Walkers were very aggressive and attacked any non-infected beings they found, including soldiers within Military Vehicles. They were able to overwhelm the Marines and Blackwatch foot soldiers due to their relatively high damage resistance (being able to withstand more than two launched grenades from a marine), their great strength with which they could kill soldiers with a single hit and their remarkable speed, which exceeded that of Mercer in his armored form.


  • After Mercer consumes Greene, the appearance and roles of Walkers are greatly diminished, only being seen in war events.
  • Walkers cannot be run over by an armored vehicle, unless they are lying prone on the ground.
  • In Prototype 2, the Shield's Counter Bash cannot be executed with Walkers.