Hello Prototypers,

With Prototype 2 out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation, most critics are happy with all the improvements but as usual found something lacking. Some have even compared it to Call of Duty while others complained about the graphics. Most fans are satisfied with the story, while others complain about the game lacking depth. But, these are all common complains you hear when a new game is released. It is just not enough for most and its their choice.

Radnet events are being unlocked each week, for the next seven weeks, you cannot unlock new content a week before. One of the main rewards, apart from the avatar codes or dev dairies is Alex Mercer's skin. This was created for fans who wanted to play as Alex Mercer.

Now, on to the news;
Radical Entertainment has announced two new downloadable content, the Colossal Mayhem Pack containing multiple skins for Heller along with a few powers and the new Excessive Force Pack containing Armor for Heller an apparently Mercer (not sure about Mercer's armor yet).

PC version of Prototype 2 will be released on July 24, 2012. With digital purchases via Steam, you get a free copy of Prototype. All Radnet content will be unlocked, so you do not have to wait seven weeks and the PC version comes with all the pre-order incentives the consoles had. So PC version doesn't get just one pre-order bonus, but all available bonuses..