Under the Knife
Under the knife
Mercer Introduces himself to Ragland.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 5.02
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Infected Citizen
Web of Intrigue Steven Yarish
Eric Lim
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Under the Knife is a mission in Prototype.

Growing PainsEdit

As suggested by Dana, Alex Mercer decides to find Dr. Bradley Ragland. While on his way to the hospital, the cancer Captain Robert Cross had injected into Mercer's body starts to grow over his shoulder, causing intense pain.

Mercer manages to make his way to the hospital and locates Ragland in the morgue. Ragland is startled upon noticing Mercer's symptoms to the viral outbreak cause in the city. He agrees to help him and informs that in order to produce a cure for Mercer he had to examine Patient Zero, the first victims of the outbreak.

Since his past conflict with Blackwatch, Mercer had a brief idea of how to locate the officers in-charge of the operations within the city. He soon locates a specter force lead by First Lieutenant Steven Yarish. Mercer infiltrates the troops and manages to consume Yarish. He learns that Yarish had been informed by his superior Captain Eric Lim about the relocated bodies.

Mercer continues his hunt for Eric Lim and arrives near the Gentek building where he was supposed to arrive shortly. In order to lure the Captain, Mercer decides to eliminate the troops trying to destroy a hive. As more of the Blackwatch troops fall, Lim hastens to the location.

As Lim approaches the hive, Mercer hijacks the APC and consumes Lim. With a memory retained by Mercer, the location of the bodies are revealed and he returns to inform Ragland about the bodies.

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