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USS Ronald Reagan

The USS Ronald Reagan.

The USS Ronald Reagan (callsign: Citadel) was a Nimitz-class carrier assisting Blackwatch and the Marines during the containment operation on Manhattan Island.

Manhattan outbreak[]

The Reagan provided support for Blackwatch in the form of a refuel and rearm base for both USMC and USAF fighters on overflight missions on the Hudson river as well as a backup command center. Helicopters and fighters without permission were shot down without warning making the carrier virtually inaccessible. The Reagan was also used for Artillery strikes against Infected Hives.

After the fall of Red Crown Command on Manhattan Island, General Randall relocated the base of operation to the Regan. Alex Mercer infiltrated this carrier as Colonel Ian Taggart along with Captain Robert Cross.

News report about the Reagan.

Upon confronting Randall, Alex had to defeat the Supreme Hunter who had assumed the disguise of Cross. Eventually Alex Mercer took off the Reagan with the nuclear weapon allotted to destroy Manhattan and dropped it into the ocean.

After these incidents, the Reagan departed from the port of Manhattan.


  • Interestingly, none of the helicopters or jets that are landed on the Reagan can be hijacked.
  • It is also possible to jump aboard the Reagan during earlier gameplay, with the use of vehicles and glide. Taking a helicopter to it at high altitude then being shot down, it is possible to fight the pull that brings Alex back to New York out of the water, and land on the Reagan. However, there is no point in doing so and Alex will most likely be killed by trying. You can also reach the Reagan by using the Hammertoss upgrade for the Hammerfists from a nearby building.