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Two Bluff, Arizona
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The small town of Two Bluff




"No one noticed when the town dried up and blew away."
Dr. Kyle Flynn[src]

Two Bluff was a small town, located within the state of Arizona.

After the Hope, Idaho viral outbreak, a runner entered the town and presumably infected all of the inhabitants.

Nuclear or Thermobaric bomb?[]

  • One interpretation would be that the military used a nuclear weapon upon the town to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • From a realistic perspective, it is difficult to see how even a very small nuclear groundburst could have been employed without releasing certain distinctive particles and characteristic shockwaves through the earth.
  • Any sort of nuclear explosion, small or large, would have been detected by various agencies around the world. An event like this would be too large to be covered up by Blackwatch.

Given these factors, it is most likely that they used at least one very powerful thermobaric bomb delivered by air, more likely several such bombs. To make certain, one option would be to follow up with (relatively) non-persistent nerve agents, then release dye to see that whatever was remaining did not move. Shortly afterwards, Blackwatch would incinerate, decontaminate, and destroy all other evidence.