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Thermal Vision is a type of sensory power obtained by Alex Mercer. It allows him to view targets and objects past smoke and/or past obstacles. The visual range is, however, limited to a certain radius.[1]

Tactical Overview[]

Mercer seen using Thermal Vision.

Thermal Vision is effective when used to highlight intense and/or biologically generated heat to see past debris, smoke and Bloodtox. It can be used to track Infected, military, police and pedestrians at the cost of a limited visual range. Thermal vision is highly useful in two of Alex's missions to destroy several Bloodtox blowers which will be used to eliminate the Infected.

The difference between Infected Vision and Thermal Vision mainly lies in what it filters out. Thermal Vision filters out smoke and other visual obstructions, while Infected Vision highlights enemies much more clearly.[1]

Thermal vision icon.

Upgrade Unlocked Cost[EP]
Thermal Vision Power Behind the Glass 30,000


  • It is wise to assume a disguise and activate your Thermal Vision, allowing you to watch anyone without being exposed.
  • James Heller is not capable of, or simply has no reason for using this sensory power, as Whitelight, the counterpart of Bloodtox in Prototype 2, does not obscure sight.
  • Interestingly, the Prototype can use Thermal Vision despite it being noted that their bodies have a higher heat signature. Warm-blooded creatures cannot naturally see into the Thermal Spectrum, and due to the heat their bodies emit, having their eyes adjusted to do so would leave them effectively blinded by their own heat signature. This begs the question as to how Alex Mercer can use Thermal Vision.