The World Set Free
Bloodtox facility
Mercer at the facility.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 7.03
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch officer
Previous A Dream of Armageddon
Next Things to Come

The World Set Free is a mission in Prototype. The incident occurs on Day 13 of the Infection.


Mercer's mysterious contact informs that Alex has started to develop an immunity towards Bloodtox. However, the infected are massing under the city since the deployment of Bloodtox and Blackwatch has decided to thwart their progress by pumping Bloodtox underneath Manhattan. The contact informs Alex to escort the Bloodtox pumper to Times Square; considering this is the only way to confront Elizabeth Greene, Alex agrees to do so.

Disguised as a Blackwatch officer, Alex infiltrates the Bloodtox facility and hijacks one of the vehicles. Alex escorts the convoy through the streets, killing any infected who try to stop it. Eventually the Bloodtox pumper convoy reaches its destination.

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