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The Wheels of Chance
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Karen meets up with Alex.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 3.01
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Marine officer
Blackwatch soldier
Blackwatch officer
Infected Citizen
Web of Intrigue Charles Conley
Mark Mead
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The Wheels of Chance is a mission in Prototype. It is set on Day 3 of the Infection.


With the Viral outbreak accelerated since the escape of Elizabeth Greene, Alex becomes desperate to find a cure for the infection. Dana finds an address on Alex's laptop: Karen Parker, Alex's former girlfriend. Dana suggests Alex to find her before Blackwatch does.

As he approaches Karen's apartment, he notices that the area has been quarantined. With the soldiers busy controlling the infected, Alex enters the apartment. As he enters, Karen is surprised to see him alive. When asked how he was still alive, Alex reminds her that leaving the quarantine zone is their priority. Karen suggests Alex to find a military vehicle in order to be able to escape. Alex sets out to find a base.

As he exits the building, he notices that Blackwatch had increased the soldiers around the zone, as the infected had overrun a building and made it into a Hive. In order to obtain a military vehicle, Alex had to find a base. He consumes one of the soldiers fighting the infected and learns of a new base outside the quarantine zone. Alex disguises himself as the soldier and approaches the compound and discovers the Base Commander. He consumes him stealthy, and enters the Base. Alex finds an APC driver at the far end of the base, he consumes him in order to obtain his knowledge and skill.

Hive Boom 1.png

He then exits the base and approaches the tank, knowing how to drive the vehicle. Making sure not to cause suspicion among the soldiers, Alex drives it out of the base and to the quarantined zone. If he was to get Karen to safety, he had to destroy the hive. So he decides to help the military in their effort. Alex uses the arsenal equipped to the APC to destroy the hive.

When the debris of the destructed hive clears out, Karen enters the APC and directs Alex to another apartment.

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