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The First Monster
The weakened Leader.
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Game Prototype
Episode 6.03
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Infected Carrier
Leader Hunter
Web of Intrigue Leader Hunter WoI 1
Leader Hunter WoI 2
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The First Monster is a mission in Prototype.

Super Vision[]

With the Leader Hunter trapped inside the abandoned military base, Alex returns to Ragland's morgue. Ragland informs that the Leader Hunters have developed an immunity to Alex's consuming method. The Leaders have also developed a second brain and spinal column; if the first set was broken, the second set would help it recover and fight back. Ragland suggests that Alex should break both brains and spinal columns in order to consume the Leader.

Alex returns to the military base in order to consume the weakened Leader. However, it puts up one last fight but loses against Alex. As advised, he breaks both spines of the Leader before consuming. The new DNA from the Leader grants Alex an enhanced vision allowing him to distinguish infected carriers and normal civilians. It also allows him to access the hive mind, but in an unstable state. A few soldiers rush into the base unknowing are targeted by Alex as he senses the viral infection dormant inside them. Consuming them starts to stabilize the hive mind. Determined to master this new ability, Alex departs to hunt for more infected carriers.

The Carriers[]

With the city rampaged by infection, it doesn't take Alex a long time to find sufficient carriers. After the hive mind is stabilized, Alex senses the location of the Leader that had Dana. Upon arriving, the Leader summons two Hunters to deal with Alex; however, they are killed by Alex along with the Leader. Consuming the Leader reveals that Dana has been taken inside the Core hive, an armored hive which even Blackwatch had failed to destroy.

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