The Altered World
McMullen about to depart.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 4.03
Additional Info
Opposition Viral Detectors
Blackwatch soldier
Web of Intrigue Derrick Kaufman
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Upgrade required: Critical Mass.

The Altered World is a mission in Prototype.

The Hive Clusters[edit | edit source]

Dana believes she can get Alex close to Raymond McMullen. The news showed Blackwatch Scientific teams turning up at Hives. Alex believes that they must be working for McMullen.

Blackwatch try to keep the infected in control at a hive as Alex approaches. In order to obtain the location of the scientists, he searches for an officer who might know about it. Among the chaos, Alex notices the Blackwatch officer. Regardless of the fight around him, Alex charges at the officer and consumes him for his memories.

Knowing the next location where the scientist will be deployed for study, Alex proceeds. As he approaches the hive, the viral detectors around force him to move stealthily. Assuming the disguise of the officer he had consumed earlier, Alex approaches each detector and tries to disable them.

As each detector is disabled, Blackwatch considers that the infection levels are dropping throughout the zone. When he manages to disable all four of them, Alex disguised as a commander, radios an all-clear to McMullen’s transport. Moments later, a military Helicopter descends near the hive.

Falling Back[edit | edit source]

As it's about to touch down, the infected inside the hive start to pour into the streets! McMullen watches the disguised Alex intently from his transport, and orders the pilot out of harm’s way suspecting an infiltration among the troops stationed.

This retreat alerts the soldiers near the hive and they start to fire at Alex. Unwilling to fight the huge numbers of soldiers stationed, Alex retreats from the area, hoping he'll get another chance to get close to McMullen.

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