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"Oh shit!! Here comes the cavalry."
―Alex Mercer about Strike teams.[src]

A strike team attacking Alex.

Strike Teams are fast-moving, powerful squads of soldiers, specifically designed to strike fast and hard. If any kind of military force is losing a battle with Alex Mercer, the leader of the force will radio Command and summon one of these teams for immediate help. In early stages, transport Helicopters will arrive, shoot at the player and attempt to drop off a squad of marines.

During the early stages of the quarantine, each Strike Team consists of one to two helicopters. As Blackwatch begin to secure the city, Strike Teams will consist of up to four Gunships and flying viral detectors. To end a Strike Team status, player must either switch form outside of military's view, or simply destroy all helicopters in the Strike Team. After that, the player will receive an EP bonus and the Strike Team will be disabled for a short time.

In Prototype 2, the Strike Team functions differently. Soldiers will call for a strike as soon as they spot Heller while he is in Free Roam (Strike Teams will not arrive during missions); there is no opportunity to prevent this by killing the leader of the force, so the player must evade detection before the Strike Team arrives. How powerful the Strike Team is depends on which zone the player is, as opposed to which act of the game they are in. Yellow Zone strikes will consist of a single transport helicopter, Green Zone strikes of two transports, and Red Zone strikes of two gunships and a transport. The player will only be attacked by one Strike Team per alert.