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Shock and Awe
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Mercer assaulting the facility.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 8.03
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Super Soldier
Previous On Instinct
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Shock and Awe is a mission in Prototype.

Clouds of Blood[]

Mercer's contact informs him of a nearby Bloodtox facility. The place has a total of eight filters which are not only guarded by Blackwatch soldiers and Super soldiers, but are also covered in a rather thick layer of Bloodtox as well. The contact reminds Mercer of his growing immunity to Bloodtox and that Blackwatch is unaware of it. The contact advises him to take the base head-on as a means of getting to Raymond McMullen.

Assuming the form of a military unit, Alex infiltrates the base and commandeers one of the Tanks. But he isn't able to remain hidden for long, and soon the base is alerted to his presence. Alex finds it helpful to use Thermal Vision, so he can detect the enemies coming at him through the thick Bloodtox clouds. Ultimately, Alex destroys all eight filters and then proceeds to level the base.

Meeting the "Boss"[]

Remembering what his contact had told him, Alex runs toward one of the Bloodtox tanks and allows himself to get caught in an explosion when the tank is targeted. One of the super soldiers scans Mercer, and believing him to be neutralized, Mercer is brought to McMullen's lab in an undisclosed location. Mercer finally confronts McMullen, demanding answers. McMullen explains that he only wished to study the virus, and Mercer was always interfering. He knew that Mercer had died at Pennsylvania Station, that the virus had entered Mercer's corpse, and that Mercer wanted to know the secrets behind the events that occurred in Hope, Idaho during the 1960s. Rather than give up the secrets, McMullen commits suicide.

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