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A field scientist.

Scientists or field researchers are part of Gentek and Blackwatch field research units. They are deployed on Manhattan Island after the viral outbreak to collect samples.[1]


A scientist can be easily identified by their distinctive level A hazmat gear. They are often escorted by groups of Blackwatch soldiers.

During the Second Outbreak, Gentek scientists and field researchers were deployed alongside Blackwatch to study the virus, collect samples and perform experiments on the civilian population of the Yellow Zone. In the Yellow Zone they also scanned civilians at military checkpoints for signs of the infection and were seen handing out face masks at refugee camps.[2]


In Prototype, scientists can be seen in various military consume events and are supposed be consumed or killed to complete the events that they appear in. Once all of the Blackwatch scientists have been consumed, Alex learned the whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend, Karen Parker.[1]

In Prototype 2, scientist can be encountered in several events involving hunting and consuming them or sabotaging their operations. Several of them can also be revealed to be Evolved, secretly working for Mercer.


  • In Prototype scientists were considered civilians. However, in Prototype 2 they were considered military personnel.
  • In Prototype, scientist can be encountered only during missions. In Prototype 2 they can be encountered also in Free Mode. Only in Prototype 2, it’s possible to see female scientists.
  • They are commonly nicknamed as "pencil-necks" by the Blackwatch soldiers due to being physically weaker than them (pencil-neck is widely used for people who have very thin neck, also for those who like science and therefore a synonym of "nerd").
  • In Prototype it is said scientists working on Blacklight suffered a purge by Blackwatch in order to prevent an information leak, with even Alex Mercer being hunted and killed. Despite this, in Prototype 2 it’s possible to encounter several scientists on the streets complaining they’re working on Blacklight Project by several years, and never seen relevant progress.