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"The revelation. It freed me. It killed me."
This article contains spoilers and plot details from Prototype 2.
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In-Game Information
Affiliations Alex Mercer
Profession Gentek scientist
Misc. Information
Gender Male
Current status Deceased (Consumed)
Weapons Can shapeshift his arms into blades
Can summon a spike shield from his body
Real World Information
Appears in Prototype 2

Roland was Alex Mercer's right hand man and one of his Evolved. He had infiltrated Gentek disguised as a scientist in order to execute Mercer's plans. James Heller was unable to track him down as Roland had a "stealth" mode which rendered him invisible to other infected individuals, including Sabrina Galloway.


Encountering Heller[]

"No wonder he likes you so much. You're as stubborn as he is."
―Roland to Heller, before the former flees into an infected lair[src]

Heller discovered of Roland’s existence after his first meeting with Sabrina Galloway, who offered the sergeant information about Roland in exchange of her life. Heller infiltrated a group of Blackwatch’s soldiers, and reached a group of Gentek VIP, one of them is Roland. After Heller tried to consume him, Roland revealed his nature of Evolved, knocked the sergeant down and ran away.

After Heller's failed attempt at consuming him, Roland escaped into the city. Shortly after, Sabrina Galloway informed Heller of Roland's new hideout: an infected lair. When Roland noticed Heller approaching, he fled into the Lair, leaving a Hydra to guard it against Blackwatch and Heller.

After the creature was dispatched, Heller followed Roland underground. As Heller dealt with the infected inside the Lair, Roland escaped back to the surface disguised as a Blackwatch soldier. After preventing Roland's escape via APC, Heller confronted him and the two fought fiercely in the city streets. With his superior abilities, Heller finally overwhelmed and consumed him, obtaining the Shield spikes ability.

Abilities and Traits[]

As well as his "stealth mode", Roland had a shield ability that greatly helped him to survive James Heller's attack. Roland also had fast reflexes like the other Evolved and was able to dodge Heller's attacks and counter with his Blade. Compared to other Evolved, he was also very pragmatic and prudent, trying to avoid Heller as much as possible and was also very intuitive, having suspected, correctly, Galloway was the one who betrayed and talked to Heller of him. As helpful as this was, Roland was ultimately too arrogant to believe that Heller could defeat him, his taunts only causing Heller to pursue him more fiercely, leading to his eventual defeat at Heller's hand. He also viewed both Heller and Mercer as stubborn, and additionally attempted to convince the former to join him and Mercer, calling their fighting "silly bickering". He looked to have a poor opinion of Heller, who he considered a traitor, mockingly calling the latter a “true hero” and being confused, if not scandalized, he was doing everything to revenge just two dead people, namely Colette and Maya, Heller’s wife and daughter.

Node of Intrigue[]

Alex Mercer: "No problems, then?"
Roland: "None, Mr. Mercer ... sir. My transport lines effectively skirt all of Blackwatch's security measures."
Alex Mercer: "So the whole of the Whitelight stores are currently leaving the Green Zone."
Roland: "Yes. The operation can begin at your command."
—Roland, to Mercer[src]