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Researcher: "We've never seen a pathogen with 99.9% mortality rates."
Gary Langkabel: "99.999%. It's fast too. By day three, it had been taken over 70% of the town. The remaining citizens were then forcibly infected.
In the first month, half of the population died from the virus.
―Gary Langkabel and McMullen, about the Redlight virus at Hope, Idaho.[src]

Redlight was the first variant of viral strand created by Blackwatch and was initially intended as a bio-weapon. This virus was code named as "DX-1118 A".[1]

The experiments conducted using this virus were known as Carnival I and Carnival II. Military families of various nationalities were taken to Hope, Idaho, officially as part of an experimental self-sufficient town in the face of nuclear war.[2]


In 1969, the virus found the perfect host in Elizabeth Greene, as her genetic makeup was uniquely suited to its purposes.[3] Greene became a staging ground for new mutant strains which were extracted from her blood. The military forces from Fort Detrick were forced to cleanse the town, though some townspeople attempted to fight them off. For two days the military skirmished with the victims, but finally they pulled out and shelled the town. The military moved in as the last survivors barricaded themselves in the hospital.[1]



Elizabeth Greene gave birth during the military attack, to a son who was later codenamed "Pariah" and the two of them were immediately deemed military assets upon capture by Blackwatch.[1][3] In 1989, Dr. Raymond McMullen, founder of Gentek, requested to study Elizabeth Greene, a request that was fulfilled. She was eventually transferred to the Gentek building in New York. Ten years later, a young scientist named Alex Mercer succeeded in creating a new strain of virus known as Blacklight based off samples taken from Elizabeth Greene.