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Red Crown at Battery Park before its fall.

Red Crown Command was the primary military headquarters located at Battery Park in Manhattan Island. Numerous military officials such as General Peter Randall resided here, issuing commands to the military bases scattered throughout the city.[1]

As such, the area was defended by thousands of Marines and a detachment of Blackwatch troopers. Other notable defenses include several M1 Abrams tanks stationed at entrance points to the area, regular overflights by Apache gunships and a multitude of virus detectors and sentry guns placed at strategic locations throughout the area.[1]

Alex Mercer was forced to enter the fortress many times, mostly gathering various information. At one point, Mercer snuck into Red Crown Command and realized that a powerful agent known as Bloodtox had been spread throughout the city, in an attempt to purge the infected. Unfortunately, Mercer's disguise was blown when the gaseous agent affected him, and Blackwatch's D-code soldiers cornered him, albeit unsuccessfully.[2]

Despite Mercer's break-in, Red Crown Command maintained its formidable defense against the viral outbreak afterward.

When Colonel Ian Taggart ordered a general retreat within the Blackwatch and the Marine personnel throughout the island, Red Crown Command is overrun by the infected, with few squads of Blackwatch officers and Robert Cross barely safeguarding General Randall. Randall then ordered that the headquarters be moved to the USS Ronald Reagan.[3]


In the 'Demolition' Kill event, this location can be used to easily achieve the necessary military kills, as the killcount increases when you kill NPC's related to the targeted faction, instead of only the marked NPC's.

Second outbreak[]

During the second outbreak, Red Crown Command coordinated Blackwatch activities over radio. However, its current location is unknown.[4]