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"40 years of science says it can't be so, but something tells me that's happening. I can feel that in my gut. I don't need science to know that."
―McMullen about his hypothesis.[src]
Raymond McMullen
Raymond McMullen V 1.png
In-Game Information
Affiliations Gentek, Blackwatch
Profession Founder and CEO of Gentek[1]
Misc. Information
Gender Male
DOB January 10, 1955[2]
Current status Deceased
Weapons Handgun
Real World Information
Appears in Prototype
Voice actor Paul Guilfoyle

Dr. Raymond F. McMullen was the founder and head researcher of Gentek, a bio-research company funded by Blackwatch.

When approached by Blackwatch, McMullen was more interested in studying Elizabeth Greene and the Redlight virus than weaponizing the virus. [1]


Early Life[]

Raymond McMullen was born on January 10, 1955. He earned his doctorate for Genetics from the University of Pennsylvania on July 21, 1975 for his thesis about Genetic Memory. On November 1, 1976, McMullen founded Gentek to continue his research. [2]


"Blackwatch is lying. Something besides Elizabeth Greene came out of Hope."
―McMullen about Greene.[src]

In 1989, McMullen published his research about non-coding sequences in junk DNA and Genetic memory. This came to the attention of Blackwatch, who approached him with the offer of working on the Redlight virus and studying Elizabeth Greene. Since then, Blackwatch has been a silent partner of Gentek.[1]

They transferred Greene to Gentek's facility at New York City on McMullen's request. During his studies, McMullen found Greene more interesting than the virus she was infected with. He continued his studies based on her DNA even though Blackwatch was not interested in this. McMullen soon realized that Blackwatch had not divulged all the information about Greene.

David Chapman a researcher at Gentek, indicated that Greene was pregnant before she was transferred to the facility. However, Blackwatch had said nothing about the pregnancy or her child. McMullen dug into Blackwatch's history and found out about Operation Altruistic and General Peter Randall's part in it. McMullen found out that Randall had managed to conceal the child's location and identity.[3]

When McMullen confronted General Randall with this information, Randall denied access to him stating that McMullen did not have a clearance to view all the data obtained during the operation.[4]

The Recruit[]

McMullen: "Is this Alex? End this. Come in. Now."
Alex Mercer: "Why didn't you tell me where this sample came from?"
―Mercer calling McMullen after his escape from Gentek.[src]

Sometime around 1999, McMullen recruited a young researcher called, Alex Mercer. Soon after his recruitment, Mercer became the associative head of the Blacklight project, a project based on the weaponization of the Redlight virus.[1]

Alex Mercer succeeded in creating a new and deadly strand of the Blacklight virus in three years. A feat none of the other Blackwatch or Gentek scientists had achieved. And since then he was more interested about the virus and its origin. Mercer was granted access to Greene under McMullen's supervision.

McMullen talking to Alex after his escape.

While Mercer studied Greene, he became suspicious of Gentek's intentions. Blackwatch discovered this and informed McMullen to keep him under surveillance. McMullen agreed to do so as he considered Mercer an important asset to the Blacklight project.[5]

Blackwatch suspected one too many leaks and ordered a purge of the researcher. Alex Mercer fled Gentek with the sample of the virus he had worked on for ten years. After his escape, McMullen was contacted by Mercer. He questioned McMullen about his failure to reveal Blackwatch and its working. [1]

Manhattan Outbreak[]

"Listen, Karen. Whatever he is now, he's not the man you knew, he's something else."
―McMullen trying to explain about Alex Mercer to Karen Parker.[src]

McMullen is informed that Alex was confronted and killed at Pennsylvannia Station. They informed him that Mercer had released the virus he had stolen from the labs. However, he soon found out that Mercer had broken out of the facility's morgue. This intrigued him more than Greene had.

McMullen joins Blackwatch when they confront Karen Parker, an employee of Gentek and Mercer's former girlfriend. McMullen tried to convince her by offering researches of her choice at any location she wished. McMullen convinces her that the Alex Mercer she knew was dead. The person who had broken out of Gentek's morgue was something different. Although she denied McMullen's offers, she eventually agreed to work for them.[6]

An Old Friend[]

"Take appropriate precautions and remember you're as culpable as us. We'll be watching."
―McMullen warning Ragland.[src]

McMullen tried to get an outside opinion about the viral outbreak. He dispatched a few of the bodies Blackwatch had recovered from Penn station to an old colleague of his, Dr. Bradley Ragland. Ragland now worked at the city morgue as he could not find another job after he left Gentek.

When informed that the corpses were infected with the Blacklight virus, Ragland refused to work for Gentek or Blackwatch on behalf of McMullen. However, McMullen convinced him to collect any helpful data and samples implying that even he was to blame for the company's workings.[1]

Studying the Prototype[]

"The more we know about it, and the less it can discover, the better off we are."
―McMullen explaining Mercer's memory problem.[src]

McMullen explaining about the parasite to Randall and Cross.

McMullen begins his study on Mercer based on the data Blackwatch had managed to obtain about him after his break out. McMullen found out that the virus had changed Mercer completely. It had evolved him into something more than a human.[1]

However, Mercer broke into Gentek and freed Elizabeth Greene. Watching the videos recorded during this event, McMullen hypothesized that Mercer was also capable of retaining the memories of his victims.[7] But he was also vulnerable when reminded of past events.

Karen Parker used this vulnerability of Mercer to collect samples which allowed McMullen and his team at Gentek to create a parasite which was to be used to subdue Mercer and develop an anti-virus. When the parasite was developed, McMullen delivered it to General Randall. Randall had summoned his best soldier for the job Captain Robert Cross.

Altered World[]

Dana Mercer, Alex's sister had managed to find the information he required about McMullen, making him Mercer's primary target. With their history together, Blackwatch became more protective about McMullen.[2]

McMullen retreating after suspecting Mercer's presence.

This became apparent during one of his visits to investigate an infected hive. Alex Mercer had sabotaged all the viral detectors around the hive in order to lure McMullen in. As he was brought in by a transport helicopter, McMullen noticed the hive was still active even though the soldiers reported that the infection levels had dropped. McMullen suspected Mercer's presence and had the pilot retreat before landing. [1]

When Blackwatch learnt that Mercer had adapted himself to the parasite Gentek had created, McMullen and his team start to work on a new form of weapon to exterminate the infected ravaging Manhattan. Gentek starts to produce a new bio-chemical called Bloodtox.

McMullen oversaw it's production and informed Randall that it might affect Mercer in someway but not as it affects the infected the substance was to be deployed on. The deployment was however interrupted by Alex. [1]

The Truth[]

"We were trying to figure it out. You just wanted to bring it all down."
―McMullen explaining his intentions.[src]

McMullen confronted by Mercer.

Since Mercer had managed to infiltrate Gentek and had almost confronted McMullen at a hive, he was moved to a secure location to continued his research. After the news that the Bloodtox facility had been destroyed, Blackwatch brought in the body of Alex Mercer, who had only pretended to be unconscious. Excited, McMullen observed his body while it was placed in a morgue.[1]

However, Mercer escaped from the morgue and confronted McMullen. McMullen revealed that all he ever wanted to do was study the true nature of the virus and unlock its potential. But Mercer's constant investigation and the escape jeopardized their plans. He also informed Alex that he had caused the viral outbreak and was supposed to have died after the Blackwatch agents had shot him at Penn Station; however, the virus had entered Mercer's bloodstream through the bullet wounds and found a perfect host within his body.[1]

McMullen about to shoot himself.

McMullen later explained that he knew why Mercer was hunting him. McMullen knew that Alex was seeking the truth about the incidents of Hope, Idaho and he knew about it more than Blackwatch had thought. In order to protect the truth from Mercer as long as possible, McMullen shot himself through his head, ending his life and eliminating any information Alex could have gained.


"I want it on the slab, I need to know what makes it tick."
―Dr.McMullen after seeing Alex in action[src]

McMullen was driven by an urge to understand the Redlight and Blacklight virus along with Elizabeth Greene. He feels she was the key to the mystery of what the virus represents. To him, it was clear something more profound than random genetic mutations is going on; he felt some deeper truth is at hand. McMullen considered Blackwatch short-sighted and foolish. He was certain only science can unlock the mystery of the virus and its implications to life on earth.

A brilliant and enthusiastic scientist, MacMullen, as well as most of his Gentek employees, including Alex Mercer, was interested to study Elizabeth Greene and the virus inside her for the simple taste of knowledge, not being interested at all about weaponizing it; he looked to look for some war porpouse simply in order to not lose Blackwatch’s support. This led him in conflict with the organization‘s officers, especially General Randall. MacMullen was also ready to challenge the general’s authority when he send infected corpses to his former friend and colleague Doctor Ragland, against Randall’s orders, and trying to get access to Pariah, much to Randall’s ire. Even thought MacMullen was ready to cross certain lines in order to satisfy his desire of knowledge, even continuing to look for Pariah, and being uninterested, if not bored or annoyed, in bioweapons research, he also worked hardly to contain the outbreak, even creating a dangerous biological parasite in order to synthesize an antivirus and to stopped Mercer, much to one of his employee‘s horror.

Despite being involved in controversial scientific reaserch and experiments, MucMullen was a benevolent and competent boss, trying his best to protect Mercer from Blackwatch before Penn Station‘s accident and trying to save Karen Parker, even offering her a job in whatever Gentek facility she could asked for. Under his guidance, Gentek worked also in order to find possible medical use of the virus, and the scientists were not so openly and deeply involved in brutal and dangerous experiments like in the second outbreak. However, MucMullen was also able to be cold and manipulative, blackmailing his former colleague Ragland in order to get his help in the research with the threat to reveal to public Ragland’s previous involvement with Gentek.

After the viral outbreak at Manhattan, Alex Mercer became a new obsession for McMullen. Realizing the danger Mercer represented for Gentek and Blackwatch, McMullen sought an answer as to how he had changed.[1] Even thought MucMullen worked in order to bring Mercer down, he was fascinated by the new, viral abomination born in Penn Station, and was obsessed with the desire to study it. However, he looked to have still a grudge towards the original Mercer, as the latter’s actions put in danger Gentek’s work and research, and ultimately preferred to shoot himself rather than being consumed, not before having informed the creature he knew the true secret behind Hope’s accident, as in spite of Mercer’s curiosity.