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Prototype wiki is the online encyclopedia with definitive source for information created by the Prototype community. This wiki was created on February 25, 2009 and is now administrated by Vatsa1708.

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Hammerfist menu

The Hammerfists are an anti-vehicle ability. Large amount of biomass shifted into his fists, creating a massive, hammer-like hands which can be brought down to crush his enemies. They do the most damage of any offensive power, but are quite slow.

Hammerfist consists of three upgrades;

  • Hammerfist Smackdown: Capable of destroying armored vehicles with a single move, but causes a brief exposure which can be manipulated by the enemy.
  • Hammerfist Elbow Slam: A devastating attack capable of destroying APC's with a single blow.
  • Hammertoss: Slightly convenient method to reach a certain point, a great way to deal against Strike teams.

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