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Prototype is a video game series that consists of two main games and two comic book series. The franchise is developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision. The games have made appearances on platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

The game would be later released for the PlayStation 4 and XboxOne consoles as digital releases, along with a bundle pack that came with all of Prototype 2's DLC.


Prototype is the story of Alexander J. Mercer, a researcher at Gentek who releases a deadly virus in Manhattan.[1]

Fourteen months later, Alex Mercer infects Sgt. James Heller in his quest to spread the virus beyond New York.[2]

Main Games[]


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The first in the series, players control Alex Mercer, a powerful and deadly shape shifter with no memories of his past. Alex hunts those he thinks are responsible for his fate with the help of his sister, Dana Mercer. Along with Mercer, a deadly virus threatens the existence of the citizens. Mercer is later aided by Bradley Ragland in his search for the truth. Mercer realizes that he was responsible for the viral outbreak in Manhattan. In order to save the city from being destroyed by Blackwatch, a shady military organization determined to stop the spread of virus and Mercer, Alex allies himself with Robert Cross who was part of Blackwatch. Mercer succeeds in saving the city from destruction, but becomes a ghost among its people.[1]

Prototype 2[]

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It has been 14 months since the outbreak at Manhattan. Sgt James Heller returns to the city from war, only to find his family killed during the outbreak. Enraged at this, Heller joins the Blackwatch forces in the city. He requests to enter the Red zone, one the highest infected zone in the city. Alex Mercer, watches Heller as he fights the infected. Impressed by his grit and implausible survival of the slaughter, considers him as an asset and infects him with his virus. Heller discovering only part of the truth, considers Mercer responsible for his family's demise and begins his hunt.[2]


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