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"The goal of the experiment was create a viral weapon that could be used to target specific races type, but Hope went wrong; a mutated virus infected all those people."
Alex Mercer

Project Redlight started in Hope, Idaho fourty years before the events of the game. The goal of the project was to test a viral weapon designed to target specific races. The viral weapon was the virus Redlight, thus the name, and Redlight killed nearly everyone in the targeted area. The only survivor was Elizabeth Greene.

The project failed due to the inability of the virus to target individuals or a race of people, and Redlight nearly spread out of control, beyond Hope. Every infected person died after a time of pure insanity, but during their period of being infected and alive, the people were as vicious and deadly as the citizens infected with Blacklight. The military eventually were forced to nuke the city, which destroyed the virus.


  • In Prima guide, the project was called Project Blacklight. It is possible the name was changed to Redlight for the game.