Project Firehawk is the codename of the Blackwatch operation to eradicate the viral outbreak in NYZ by leveling all three zones. It is the Prototype 2 counterpart to Blackwatch's attempt to level Manhattan Island in Prototype. Again, it is disrupted by the main protagonist.

After noticing that the Whitelight is tainted, Blackwatch uses Project Firehawk as their last resort to contain the virus while referring to the 1.5 million still-healthy population as "acceptable losses". Sabrina Galloway manages to learn about this important plan, and calls James Heller to consume a Blackwatch commander named Cantrell to learn more about the project. Then, under Galloway's guidance, James Heller infiltrates Blackwatch as an attack helicopter pilot to escort another Blackwatch commander named Ellis to a meeting with 3 other commanders. Upon consuming them, Heller discovers more about the project, including the plan to level the entire city, killing anyone infected or non-infected alike, with a fleet of Helicopters outfitted with Thermobaric cannons.

Despite Sabrina Galloway and Dana Mercer's hard work, Heller still failed to learn about the entire plan of Project Firehawk before it started. Luckily, Heller is informed right after it is initiated, and manages to interrupt it by first destroying (or hijacking) 4 Thermobaric Helicopters in a converted dock, then dispatching the 5 Thermobaric Helicopters which were already deployed, as well as a Thermobaric ammunition depot that was storing reserve Thermobaric weaponry. After losing all Thermobaric Helicopters and weapons, Blackwatch declares the operation a failure, and departs the project.

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