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Police Officer
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New York Police Department


M9 Beretta



Police officers were responsible for law enforcement on Manhattan Island, until the second outbreak. Then, Blackwatch became the dominant force in New York City.


Police officers that patrol the island are just that - cops. They enforce the laws and hunt criminals, but the Blacklight infection proves to be a threat too great for them to handle and they are pulled off the streets by day six of the infection.


When it comes to damage, the police are extremely weak. Their pistols are weaker than an infected civilian's melee attack and it takes multiple shots from their pistol to take a single infected civilian down. The damage they inflict on Alex Mercer is minimal.

The pistol they wield cannot be picked up either. Police officers die from any hit - even a non-charged regular attack will kill the officer.

Police officers can request strike team support, but they do it rarely and the strike teams themselves are generally too poorly equipped to pose a significant threat.


  • There is a visual-graphics glitch where the police officers would look like they are running around with their gun drawn out and aiming. However, it can be seen that they do not actually have their gun drawn. This glitch is known to appear when the police officers are seen from a long distance while they are being chased by the infected.
  • While using Armor, Alex takes very minimal damage from their attacks.
  • The officers appear to cause less collateral damage than their Marine or Blackwatch counterparts, perhaps showing due care towards Civilians. Though, it is possibly due to the lack of firepower they have.
  • Police officers are actually seen to be driving Ambulances in Prototype, even after patrol officers are removed from the streets with the implementation of martial law, hinting at the Police taking charge of less important roles after being removed from active duty, though this is presumably down to the game reusing a model.