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Pennsylvania Station (New York City)
Penn Station WoI .jpg

Pennsylvania Station, or commonly known as Penn Station, is the major intercity train station and a major commuter rail hub in New York City.

First outbreak[]

Alex Mercer fled to Pennsylvania Station with a vial containing a sample of the Blacklight virus. Mercer was cornered at the station by Blackwatch after having tracked his location from his cellphone. Blackwatch soldiers ordered Mercer to surrender the vial. Mercer refused and, having decided to kill as many as he could, released the virus (that subsequently overran Manhattan) before being killed. Mercer's body fell onto the smashed remains of the vial, in which the Blacklight virus invaded his corpse and rewrote the DNA within every infected cell.

Second outbreak[]

After returning to New York from his travels, Alex Mercer returned to Penn Station and released the virus once again, starting the second outbreak.


  • Captain Cross uses Mercer's weakness, painful flashbacks, to his advantage by reminding him of Penn Station. This temporarily subdues Mercer, and allows Cross to administer the "cure".
  • The building depicted is in fact not Penn Station, but the James A. Farley Post Office. The real Penn Station is underground, but plans were in place to convert the post office into a new station.