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"Use your disguise to accuse another of being hostile."

Patsy is a military disguise skill that allows Alex Mercer to save himself by targeting any human for termination, accusing that the human is Zeus in disguise. The target can either be a military personnel or a civilian. Mercer was capable of doing this only when disguised as a military personnel (Marines or Blackwatch).

Tactical overview[]

Patsy is an excellent way of reducing the alert status, when outside the range of a viral detector. The alerted military units display hostility towards the human target and will open fire without any hesitation. This ability is further upgradeable and has a regeneration period of 20 seconds after each use. Tactically, this ability can be used to reduce the suspicion of any surrounding military or Blackwatch personnel.

Note: This upgrade works even when Mercer is on alert. Using the ability will reset the Alert meter back to zero.

Upgrade chart[]

Upgrade Unlocked Cost[EP]
Patsy Errand Boy 100,000
Patsy Range Boost Errand Boy 270,000