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Past and Present
Alex in his apartment.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 2.01
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Blackwatch soldier
Web of Intrigue Mac Marshall
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Past and Present is a mission in Prototype.

Home Sweet Home[]

As Dana had pointed out Alex's apartment for him, he sets out to find clues of his past, if any. Alex walks into his home, not realizing that the place was under surveillance. He looks around the house, trying to remember who he was. He comes across a wall filled with photos and a framed Doctorate. He reaches out to a photo of himself with a blond-haired woman. A memory flashes of her and Alex outside the Gentek building.

Before he could recollect what he had seen, he is blasted out of the window of the apartment. He lands in the street, unharmed and looks up just in time to see Blackwatch personnel escorting an officer to safety. He tries to follow them but is confronted by Marines, called to contain Alex. Disregarding the fire, he takes out the soldiers blocking his path. One of them tries to call in a strike team but fails to complete the message before Alex attacks him.

He tracks down the agent who had escaped in the APC to middle of Central Park. The Marines have commandeered a small stone building, and the APC carrying the agent is parked by a bridge. The building is well guarded, but Alex has a way to get the agent out of the APC. He shapeshifts into a soldier and sounds an all clear. The agent falls to this trap and exits the APC to board a helicopter. Alex sprints towards him and consumes him to find out why he tried to kill him. Memories of the agent flash in Alex's mind. His name was Mac Marshall, a Blackwatch commander. Raymond McMullen had warned him about Alex and had suggested to handle the situation carefully.

As the memory recedes, Alex realizes that he is surrounded by soldiers he had gotten past. He tries to avoid combat and sprints off as fast as possible.


With his apartment destroyed, Alex fails to find any information about himself. However he manages find information about the ones trying to hunt him. Unable to decide what to do, he returns to Dana's hideout.

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