"This is fucked. We are in some kind of suicide mission.."
―One of Cross' soldier.[src]

Cross and his team in Springfield

Operation Ice Storm was a rescue operation, led by Lieutenant Robert Cross in 1998. Cross and his team were instructed to extract lead scientist, Mathieu Doublet from Springfield, an underground town in the depths of the Antarctica, built to contain prisoners of the Cold War.

Debriefing[edit | edit source]

"What exactly are we dealing with? A bunch of Geriatric Russian?"
―One of Cross' soldier.[src]

Not much was revealed to Cross and his men, who had been inserted into the town. They were however informed that the town was built to contain Russian defectors and scientists and they were to extract a scientist and suppress any rebellion. In truth the town was part of the experiments related to the Redlight virus.

Ghost town[edit | edit source]

As Cross and his men got off the elevator, they found the town completely abandoned. Cross separated his men into two teams and they were to sweep through the town for the life signs and the missing scientist. The first team found animal waste with human remains. Cross informed his men that there was a zoo in the town and some of the animals might be loose.

The infected[edit | edit source]

"Thank you for the National Geographic moment. I don't give a fuck if it's Lions, Tigers or Bears. This is just a pile of shit and we've got a town to search."
―Cross to one of his subordinates after noticing the human remains.[src]

One of the soldiers attacked by an infected tiger.

As they moved deeper into the underground town, Cross' team was attacked by mutated birds. The soldiers along with Cross managed to burn the infected birds, however the second team reported of seeing mutated animals. They were attacked by almost every animal the zoo had contained. Cross ordered Wilkins to blow up the animals using C4, but he was killed during the ambush.

When Cross and the remaining soldiers were overwhelmed by the attacking animals, they retreated into a power plant. Cross explained his plan to destroy the plant, hoping that the fire would kill the animals and if anything else managed to survive, it may die due to the low temperature.

Destruction and escape[edit | edit source]

"This whole place is a crime, Haggard."
―Cross to Haggard after they reach the power plant.[src]

Cross fighting an infected wolf inside the power plant.

Cross, Haggard and the rest of the soldiers found that the power plant was also a storage facility. It contained oil and gas reserves within the basement. Cross ordered Haggard to plant the charges and they could use remote detonation to destroy the plant.

While Haggard was busy setting up, they were attacked by more infected animals. Cross and the remaining two soldiers tried to reach the elevator, but were killed by the horde of animals. Cross managed to get to the elevator in time, however one of the animals followed him.

Cross eliminated the infected beast and draged it to General Randall who was waiting outside. Randall informed him that this was part of his initiation into the Blackwatch.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Springfield was destroyed along with the infected Redlight beings, while Lieutenant Cross was recruited into Blackwatch.

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