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Alex with his Claws.

Offensive Powers are abilities mutated due to the Blacklight infection present within Alex Mercer and James Heller.[1] Each ability has its own purpose and can be adapted to a particular situation. However, Heller's abilities vary from those of Mercer.[2]


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The Blade is a powerful and deadly cutting and thrusting weapon, perfect for slicing and swiping through even the toughest armored vehicles or infected hives. This attack power allows access to the second most powerful strikes available.[1]


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Claws are the most prominent anti-personnel ability. Biomass is shifted into 4-digited, talon-like appendages that can be used to shred flesh and bone, cutting both the infected and military in half with a single sweep in some cases.[1]


Heller performing a devastator attack with Hammerfists.

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Hammerfists are primarily an anti-vehicle power. By shifting large amounts of biomass towards the hands, large hammer-like weapons are formed that are excellent for crushing both vehicles and infantry.

Unfortunately, Hammerfists are slow and inaccurate but allow the player to deal the greatest damage in the whole/all of the games available to the player, in the universe of Prototype and Prototype 2.


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Musclemass acts as a strength augmentation to Alex Mercer's arms. It greatly increases close combat damage and the distance debris can be thrown to deal with distant enemies.[1]


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The Whipfist is a thin, flexible, blade-edged arm that can be used to attack at extreme range, or whip through entire crowds of enemies. Tame your foes from a safe distance.[1][2]


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The Tendrils power is an ability evolved by James Heller that allowed him to grapple enemies with the viral biomass. Upgraded, this ability acts as a devastator.


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Devastators are powerful area attacks that utilize the critical mass, in order to inflict damage upon multiple targets. Most of the devastators are evolution of a few offensive powers.[1][2]


  • In Prototype 2, the Musclemass ability has been replaced with Tendrils ability.
  • James Heller's Blade arm and Claws resemble a military combat knife. Coincidentally, James himself was an ex-soldier.
  • Heller also has the ability to perform a devastator attack with his Hammerfists, known as the "Hammerfist Dive Bomber Shockwave".[3]
  • Although not in the first game, Mercer has displayed his ability to use Tendrils, as shown in a cutscene in the mission Fall from Grace.