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NYPD Prototype
"Fidelis ad Mortem"
―New York City Police Department Motto, meaning "Faithful unto Death".
The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is responsible for maintaining law and order on Manhattan Island, with a station located in the middle of Times Square.

Events of PrototypeEdit

When the Blacklight virus was released and began to take hold, the NYPD attempts to contain the spread through cooperation with Blackwatch and the Marines. However, as the situation deteriorates, the NYPD forces are pulled from active duty, replaced by the Marines and the Blackwatch soldiers to maintain the Martial Law.

Prototype 2Edit

In Prototype 2, the police officers are cut out from the game due to the Infection entirely overrunning Manhattan and the complete Blackwatch takeover.


The NYPD made use of only two types of equipment of any note: the Police car, and the Pistol, both of which were neither effective nor particularly useful in the outbreak, with the majority of the former being left scattered around infected streets, and the latter being unable to take down even single infected without copious ammunition usage. They also, presumably, carried radios or walkie-talkies, used often to contact dispatchers in the NYPD for Strike team support, or to inform dispatch of Alex Mercer's location.


  • The police officers' only weapon is a pistol that does extremely low damage to Alex Mercer. Interestingly, when a police officer is consumed, the pistol is sheathed and cannot be used.
  • Despite the fact that the NYPD would have realistically been the largest force in Manhattan during the first days of the outbreak, very few officers are seen throughout the city, with those who do appear only ever doing so on their own. This could be an indication that the NYPD was unwilling or unable to launch a large-scale operation to combat the Infected, and this may well have been a contributing factor to their eventual disbandment in favor of a more forceful military control.
  • Despite the dispatcher in calls via the radio sounding female, there are no female officers actually seen on the city streets.
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