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FGM-148 Javelin missile launcher
Pro1 FGM Javelin.png

Missile launcher


High, Explosive

Rate of fire/attack

~30 rounds/min

Best against

Leader Hunters
Transport helicopters
Military bases

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The Missile launcher is a support weapon of the US Marines and Blackwatch.

Background / Overview[]

Created in 1989, and put into service in 1996, the FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher was designed using new fire-and-forget technology. It uses a pre-launch targeting system with a built in self-guidance and tracking system that homes in on the pre-designated target. Individual launchers cost up to $125,000, however they are reusable, and the missiles cost roughly $40,000. The FGM uses an imaging infrared (IIR) targeting system to track its targets.


The FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher is much more powerful than the MGL grenade launcher, and fires guided missiles as opposed to dumb-fire projectiles, but has much less ammo to compensate. While the grenade launcher can hold up to 25 grenades, the rocket launcher can only hold up to 7 rockets with training. It also takes longer to fire, and the missiles need room to lock on and track a target. In addition, if Alex Mercer is firing it while jumping, it will cause Alex to backflip from the recoil, negating his forward momentum and forcing him to land.

Once fully-trained, rockets cause enough damage to bring down Hunters with a few hits. It is best used against either targets with large health (buildings, tanks, hunters) or larger groups of weaker enemies, where one shot can take out most of the group.

Marines and Blackwatch troops make effective use with this weapon. Many times taking advantageous positions, such as rooftops or guarded areas, they fire the FGM until either they or their target(s) are destroyed. The FGM is superior in certain aspects to the MGL in crowd-control scenarios and inferior in others. For starters, it has a much larger blast radius that can cause large amounts of damage to nearby pedestrians or Infected, but as stated above has a much slower rate of fire. The Javelin can halt a Hunter in its tracks, and kill a Walker in a single hit.