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Memory in Death
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Mercer about to relive the memory.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 1.01
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Infected Citizen
Next Unexpected Family

Memory in Death is the prologue for Prototype. The incidents take place on the 18th day of infection.


Alex Mercer is confronted by Blackwatch soldiers, southwest of Central Park. Mercer deals with the soldiers with a few of his basic attacks. He then proceeds towards Times Square. He watches as walkers try to overpower the soldiers. Filled with rage, Mercer tears through each soldier and infected in his way with Claws. He impales any soldier trying to escape with a devastating Groundspike.

With all the soldiers killed, Blackwatch dispatches Tanks to deal with the situation. Mercer shifts his biomass to form his hands into Hammerfists. He destroys the tanks with a combo of elbow slams and smackdowns. The infected in the vicinity get more aggressive towards Mercer.

He moves further in this chaos and comes across a group of Hunters. Vicious as always, the hunters attack the military personnel. Mercer willing to defeat them, uses his Blade to cut through.

With most of the armed forces killed, a field commander calls in a Strike Team. The last resort for Blackwatch is to eliminate the infected in the area. Mercer sprints towards the commander and consumes him. With a single devastator attack, the Strike team along with all the infected and military personnel within the tendrils' range are killed.

The Contact[]

After the destruction at Times Square, Mercer reaches a rooftop, where a masked man stands waiting for him.

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