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Marine officer
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M4 carbine



A Marine Officer is an uncommonly seen military leader in Prototype.


Marine Officers/NCO's are commanders at USMC and Blackwatch bases. Equipped in a similar way to regular Marines, officers are distinguishable by their eight-pointed service caps, black sunglasses and rolled up sleeves. Their rank insignia is displayed on both sleeves and is that of a staff non-commissioned officer. Usully, they are armed with an M4 Assault Rifle.


Marine Officers are weak opponents on their own - a single punch is enough to kill them. However, they usually appear in bases with an increasingly large group of guards that pack different weapons. In later stages, a squad is large enough to put a dent in Alex's health before he wipes them out.

Generally, they will use their firearms, however, if an enemy gets too close, they'll attempt to hit them with their rifle's butt.

Gameplay notes[]

  • Marine Officers are typically in charge of military bases and have access to their interiors. Consuming one will grant the player access to their base as well as replenish his supply of artillery strikes.


An early screenshot featuring early Marines

The original design for the Marine officers was slightly different. They had US woodland camo fatigues (as opposed to the current fictional camo pattern uniforms) and instead of the service cap, they wore a campaign hat with two crossed sabres on it.


  • Despite the fact they have a handgun on their waist, they are never seen using it. This was most likely done due to the largely useless nature of the sidearm against infected. It is also likely to just be there for cosmetic purposes.
  • Oddly, despite Blackwatch being in charge of the military forces in New York, both Blackwatch soldiers and officers will salute Alex if he is disguised as a Marine officer and brushes by them. It is possible that the Blackwatch troops in question are outranked by whatever officer Alex is disguised as and are merely showing respect.
  • No Marine officers appear in Prototype 2, likely since James Heller never had to consume any of them and to reflect the subordinate nature of the Marines in-game.