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Also known as

Grunts, Devil Dogs, Leathernecks, Jarheads


Pvt, PFC, LCpl, Cpl, Sgt, SSgt, GySgt, MSgt, 1stSgt, MGySgt, SgtMaj




Assault rifle
Machine gun
Grenade launcher
Missile launcher



The Marines are one of Alex Mercer's and James Heller's most basic adversaries.


Marines are well-trained infantrymen of the United States Marine Corps. They are equipped with USMC's standard issued uniforms, consisting of tactical vests, helmets, balaclavas, combat webbing and weapons depending on their specialty – anything ranging from the versatile assault rifles to the deadly missile launcher, the USMC has anything to offer to their grunts.


Marines are generally weak opponents on their own – a single punch from Mercer, Heller or the Infected is enough to kill them. However they work together and are typically able to overcome the weaker Infected, however without large numbers or vehicle support, they have a more difficult time taking out Walkers and Hunters. They usually appear in squads or platoons and pack different weapons. In later stages, the platoons are large enough to put a dent in Alex's health.

Generally, they will use their firearms, however, if an enemy gets too close, they'll attempt to hit them with their rifle's butt. They will attempt to dodge Alex's slower attacks, usually to no avail, and will immediately investigate areas where Alex may disrupt (cracked roads from high jumps, broken fences and lampposts, etc.).

Prototype 2[]

Marines have received some visual changes; they no longer carry backpacks. Their helmets, balaclava and overall uniforms remain unchanged. Oftentimes, the player will see them patrolling streets in a three-member squad formation. Several military trucks can be seen carrying six Marines, in which these infantrymen can either fire at enemies from the trucks or get off the vehicles.

On an interesting note is that their patches are labeled with the letters "UAF".

James Heller was a U.S. Marine infantryman and served three tours in Iraq before being stationed in New York just as Alex Mercer had murdered his wife and daughter.


An early screenshot featuring early Marines

The original design for the Marines was slightly different. They had U.S. woodland camo fatigues (as opposed to the current fictional camo pattern uniforms), had no backpacks and wore full body armor. Their helmets were a slight gray and their balaclavas were sandy instead of black. Their original body armor is still present in the game, in the form of vests carried by pilots.


  • If Alex is in disguise, or undetected by the Marines and walks into an area of Infected with Marines nearby, the Marines will continue to shoot at the infected, follow Alex, and shoot infected trying to attack Alex. This also appears to be with tanks but it is not recommended as they tend to accidentally hit Alex.
  • The way Heller consumes the Marines in Prototype 2 is the same way he consumes civilians; it can be considered that since the Marines aren't Heller's direct enemies, and that he was once a Marine, he does not consume them as violently.