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Making the Future
Escorting a Thermobaric Tank.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 6.04
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Infected Citizen
Previous The First Monster
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Making the Future is a mission in Prototype. The events take place on Day 10 of the infection, with 68 percent of the populace infected.

Infestation Abound[]

Alex Mercer learns that Blackwatch has the arsenal required to penetrate the armored Core hive. Mercer assumes the appearance of a Marine and enters a Helicopter. As the Marines escort the Thermobaric tank, Mercer makes sure that it reaches each armored Hive safely. However, the crew inside the tank are compromised due to a Hydra's attack as they approach the third armored Hive.

Mercer commandeers the Tank and destroys the Hive and proceeds towards the Core hive. Blackwatch and Infected forces try to delay his progress; however, Alex reaches the Hive and manages to breach its walls.

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