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Lindsay Benhurst was one of Alex Mercer's Evolved who had infiltrated the ranks of Blackwatch.


Benhurst was a convicted murderer and was charged for killing seven individuals. He was known to have escaped from Federal custody multiple times. During the second viral outbreak in New York City, Alex Mercer found him and infected with a strain of the Blacklight virus, turning him into one of his Evolved.

Upon Mercer's orders, Benhurst infiltrated Blackwatch as a prisoner in the Red Zone, and was to sabotage its operations in New York. When James Heller discovered Mercer's plan of spreading the viral infection beyond the city, he consumed Benhurst in order to gain further insight.

Blacknet Memory Edit

Benhurst: "This is pretty juicy, sir. We've pinpointed intel at a series of Blackwatch command posts."
Alex Mercer: "I'm not one for suspense. Intel about what?"
Benhurst: "Munitions deliveries. We can shut Blackwatch down like they've been unplugged."
Alex Mercer: "Then go, take it!"
—Benhurst and Alex Mercer discussing intel on Blackwatch munitions[src]

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