Dr. Lawrence Foster was a Gentek Senior Virologist involved in Operation: Long Horizon. He was also a champion of cricket and a member of MENSA. When James Heller encountered him among a bunch of Brawlers, Dr. Foster revealed himself to be one of Mercer's Evolved. After weakening Dr. Foster, Heller consumed him.

Blacknet MemoryEdit

Foster: "I understand all these measures to deal with the bad guys, Lieutenant. But as I think you can see, I am not a bad guy. Why am I not allowed outside?"
Soldier: "These security measures are for your benefit, Doctor Foster. Now I'll thank you to step back behind the cordon."
Foster: "I'll do no such thing. My office is literally next door, and I see no reason why I--
(guns cocking)
Fine then. You'll regret this.
—Dr. Lawrence Foster, to a Blackwatch Lieutenant[src]

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