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Alex talking to Karen at a safe house.

Karen Parker's lab were safe houses used by Karen Parker during her supposed hiding.


East Harlem[]

During the Manhattan outbreak, Karen was rescued by Alex Mercer from her apartment and moved to a safe house in East Harlem. She promised to work on a cure against the infection ravaging the city.[1]

Blackwatch protection[]

Later she was relocated by Blackwatch to another safe house to protect her from Mercer whom she had betrayed. Blackwatch had promised to protect her if she was willing to work for them.[2] However, Mercer discovered this location after consuming Gentek field scientists who were investigating the outbreak.[3]


  • Both the safe houses/labs are always cluttered with top secret Gentek and Templar related documents.
  • The interiors of the labs where she is moved first by Alex and later by Blackwatch are similar.