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Archer revealed as Evolved

Dr. Karen Archer was a Gentek scientist who was turned into an Evolved by Alex Mercer. Dr. Archer was the replacement for Dr. Anton Koenig and part of the Whitelight project and corrupting it with Alex Mercer's Blood culture.

After James Heller found and consumed her, he gained more information about the Whitelight project and Mercer's plan.

Node of IntrigueEdit

Dr. Archer: "Handle that sample with care, Jenkins. It's more valuable than you are."
Jenkins: "Doctor Archer, is it true? The culture that you're injecting into the Whitelight ... it was taken from Alex Mercer himself?"
Dr. Archer: "Indeed. And that's why you will treat it with reverence. Or suffer the consequences."
—Dr. Jenkins, to Archer[src]


  • Heller gains the Pack Leader ability from consuming her.
    • Karen Archer is one of the few Evolved who possess the Pack Leader ability.


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