"Jump further and faster. Vital for high-speed, long-distance movement."
AM Jump

Jump Upgrades were part of the locomotive upgrades of Alex Mercer. The jump upgrades enhanced the musculature of Mercer, allowing flexible maneuvering through the city. [1]

This ability evolved overtime, enabling to cover long distances with high speed.

Jump Upgrade 2

With the enhancement of the muscles, Mercer could charge his jumps faster and cover more distance with high-speed.[1]

Jump Upgrade 3

A vital second level of jump upgrade, further enhanced the speed and distance of his jumps.[1]

Jump Upgrade Max

Mercer's ability to jump is completely evolved and he could cover longer distances at high-speed.[1]

Wall Jump Latch Edit

"Chain quick wall jumps together with the Wall Jump Latch upgrade. Useful for quick redirects and enhances overall movement control."
AM Latch

Wall jump latch was a unique ability developed by Mercer to change the direction of his movement while sprinting on buildings. He could hold on to the walls and redirect his jumps in a desired direction.[1]