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Heller with his Juggernaut pack

In the mission "A Labor Of Love", James Heller gained a unique variant of this ability; he is able to summon a pack of two Juggernauts after consuming an "Alpha Juggernaut". This ability of Heller, however, only appears exclusively in the said mission, and is not a part of the Pack Leader ability, as it cannot summon the pack at will and also does not consume mass, and while it is active, James Heller can kill everything in one hit except the blast door which keeps the Gentek Tower secure.


Heller consumed a leader Juggnaut to use this power once in the game to summon two regular juggernauts to help break inside the building.


  • The juggernaut pack is only used during "A Labor Of Love".
  • Its similar to the pack leader ability.


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