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James Goodwin.

First Lieutenant James Goodwin was a Blackwatch soldier stationed on Manhattan Island when martial law was implemented due to a viral outbreak. He was the first person to be killed and consumed by Alex Mercer.[1]

James Goodwin noticed Mercer when he had collapsed in an alley while escaping from Gentek's morgue. Goodwin reported about seeing Mercer and shot him. However, Mercer stood up when Goodwin wasn't watching and killed him slamming the lieutenant head first, breaking his neck.[1]

Node of Intrigue[]

Mercer lifting Goodwin to kill.

"When we hunt, we kill!
No one is safe!
Nothing is sacred!
We are Blackwatch!
We are the last line of defense!
We will burn our own to hold the red line!
It is the last line to ever hold!"
―Blackwatch creed

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  • The video of his memories won't be played after Alex just consumed him, so it will have to be accessed by the Web of Intrigue menu.
  • The Web of Intrigue states that his rank is First Lieutenant, but Lt. Charles Perri calls him Private. It's possible this memory was retained from his days as a Private.



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