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Infected Water Tower

The Infected Water Towers are structures infected with the Redlight virus that spawn Hunters when approached.

When Elizabeth Greene was introduced, one of the first steps she took was infecting the water in the water towers. Using a special strain of the Redlight pathogen, she introduced the organism into the containers. After a while, the water towers serve as artificial wombs for the hunters. As the hunter grows, the tower soon becomes infested with a fleshy layer, and crows are attracted to the structure.

The towers essentially serve as a defense mechanism for the Infected. When approached, the carpet of rust-colored flesh on the surface of the tower spreads across the tower and a rumbling sound begins. If the intruder does not retreat or destroy the structure in time, the Hunter (with more of a blackish skin than normal ones) will be released.

Due to the high concentrations of Redlight in the water towers, Alex Mercer will gain a significant boost in Evolution points when he destroys a tower without causing the structure to release the Hunter. When he destroys the tower, the Hunter within will be instantly killed.

Infected towers can distinguished by several means. Infected Vision will highlight them among regular towers; without using powers, they can be identified by the crows circling the towers constantly, providing a rough location. The towers, even from a distance, also have a slight reddish tinge and infected flesh growing on the base. The tower can also be targeted, while normal ones can't.



  • Once a Water Tower is destroyed, the crows will suddenly vanish.
  • The Infected Water Towers are replaced by Infected Pustules in Prototype 2.