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In the Web
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Alex destroys a viral detector.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 4.02
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
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In the Web is a mission in Prototype. The events occur on Day 6 of the Infection, with 20 percent of the populace infected.

Virus Alert[]

Alex Mercer continues his search for the new technology brought to pinpoint his location. Blackwatch had installed Viral Detectors for the job. Alex suspected that if they were able track him, then Dana would be in trouble.

As he approaches a detector, he finds it guarded by soldiers. Disregarding this security, Alex charges in to destroy the detectors. As he destroys one of them, he finds that there were nine more of them placed in the vicinity. Determined to cripple the military's ability to locate viral strains in this district, Alex destroys them all.

The military are determined to stand their ground and try to kill Mercer. A few of the Infected try to kill Alex as well. As he proceeds on his rampage, Gunships are called in by the troops to support their stand, but they too fail to contain Mercer.

Back in Blackwatch Command[]

General Peter Randall has a new weapon for Captain Cross to use. Dr. McMullen had developed a pathogen to “cure” Mercer, but it needs to be injected. Cross’s thoughts about injecting a human subject are dismissed by Randall, who remarks that Cross always had difficulty seeing the bigger picture.


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