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Hope, Idaho was a military town inhabited by military families of different ethnicities. It was originally built by the US Army, under the guise of testing a self-sufficient base in case of a nuclear attack.[1][2]


Main article: Project Redlight

After the success of Carnival I, the government opted to test out the virus on humans. For this purpose, they created an artificial town, Hope, Idaho, filled with a cross section of ethnicities and backgrounds. The cover story was that it was a military experiment to test self sufficient towns in case of a nuclear war.[1][2]

The virus was disguised as a "harmless" solution simulating fallout and the townsfolk eagerly participated in the tests, literally "rolling up their sleeves" for the researchers to inject them with the substance. The project began on June 11, 1964. As part of it, 461 subjects were infected with "DX-1118 A", a variant of Redlight virus.[1][2]

The virus had no effects on humans for over 998 days. On August 8, 1968, Elizabeth Greene's strain of the virus took control of the whole town, turning the people into mindless slaves, protecting her. The town was recaptured after a major battle with the infected the following year, on July 7, 1969, when Blackwatch moved in and incarcerated Greene, who was then only 19 years old.[1][2]


  • A web of intrigue target reveals that research into virus development was commanded by government officials. These officials were referenced as "being so high up that to see the office of the president, you had to look down".