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For strategy to deal with Hives, see Infected consume event.

An aerial view of a Hive.

"That red stuff is spreading fast. Person to person. Building to building. Street to street. It has to be connected to Elizabeth Greene."
―Alex Mercer[src]

Hives were repurposed structures around Manhattan. The infected created during the first outbreak in 2008, collected and stored biological material.[1][2]

During the first outbreak, Alex Mercer ventured into one of the hives in order to collect genetic samples for a supposed cure. However, he was cornered and defeated by the Wisemen team.[3]

Eventually, Alex's sister Dana Mercer was kidnapped and taken to the Core hive which was similar to the regular hives, but was much stronger than the regular hives.[4]


Walkers released from incubation.

Hives were covered with red biomass that would congregate towards the bottom of the building. The effects of a Hive's presence could be felt blocks away, as it served as a makeshift Infected "Head-Quarters", and Infected gathered around the structure to defend it from invaders. They were also used as incubators for the creation of infected Walkers and Hunters.[1][2]


  • During the mission in which Alex enters a Hive, papers and other office materials may be found strewn on the ground. This suggests that the Hives used to be ordinary buildings before they were infected.
  • Despite the fact a tank can destroy a Hive in less than a minute, the military is not able to take a Hive down in free roam without Mercer's assistance.
  • On easy mode you can destroy a Hive with 2 fully charged bulletdive drops.