"The revelation. It freed me. It killed me."
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Harry Gutierrez
"Ah, Jimmy Heller. I've heard so much about you. I wondered if I'd get the pleasure."
―Dr. Gutierrez, after meeting Heller

Dr. Harry Gutierrez was a Gentek scientist and an assistant to Dr. Karen Archer. At some point, he was transformed into one of Alex Mercer's Evolved.

Dr. Gutierrez was confronted by James Heller, who demanded that he explain Archer's location. But Gutierrez summoned two more Evolved lackeys as backup. Heller first dealt with the lackeys, then took out Gutierrez and assumed a memory.

Node of Intrigue Edit

Alex Mercer: "Doctor Archer, has your team accomplished their goal?"
Dr. Archer: "Implementation is 98 percent complete, Dr. Mercer. Virtually every existing store of Whitelight has been treated."
Alex Mercer: "Not good enough. I want all of it."
Dr. Archer: "You ... want me to go back? Sir, the risk of exposure is--"
Alex Mercer: "The risk if you don't go back will be far greater."
Dr. Archer: "Yes, sir."

—Mercer, to Dr. Archer[src]

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