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Milkor MGL
Grenade launcher
Also known as

M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher


Grenade launcher

Rate of fire/attack

3 round/sec rapid fire 18-21 round/min sustained


Medium, Explosive

Effective against

All enemies

The Grenade Launcher is a support weapon used by the US Marines and Blackwatch.


The grenade launcher is a dangerous ranged weapon used by the Prototypes. Unlike James Heller, Alex Mercer did not have any combat training, however, he was able to train himself by consuming military personnel.

Tactical overview[]

The MGL fires its 40 mm grenades at speeds just under 250 ft/sec using a shoulder-firing mechanism with a six-round spring-driven revolver-style magazine, that is capable of accepting most 40x46mm grenades.

When being used by the Blackwatch Soldiers or the Marines against the infected, it has the potential of turning a losing battle in favor of the soldiers. The grenade launcher demolishes small groups of infected citizens, causing severe damage to Walkers, and stuns Hunters. When used en masse, the MGL is capable of clearing an infected area out in seconds.


The grenade launcher is powerful enough to completely dismember any civilian, military, or infected civilian, leaving only limbs and a broken ribcage.