Prototype Wiki
"Glide is a vital ability to increase your movement options. Perfect for covering a lot of real estate in short order or dropping into bases without attracting attention."
Alex Mercer using the Glide ability.

Glide is an essential locomotive ability developed by the Prototypes. This ability is used to travel a particular distance with sufficient boost.


As part of the Movement upgrades, Glide can be used to bridge gaps between buildings or to reach airborne enemies. Glide can be used to its utmost potential with the combination of airdash.

When used in combination with Airdash or double airdash, occasionally landing on a building for a boost, the Prototypes can literally fly from one end of the city to another.

The glide ability is believed to be achieved via the lightening of the Prototype's cells. This may be caused by loss of biomass, which could explain the trailing mist of the limbs. However, this idea can be cancelled out seeming as to how the Prototypes do not have to consume to glide again. Also, the 'mist' is not proven to be biological matter.

In Prototype 2, Heller is able to use a DLC based power called Air Time which allows him to glide forever. When using this ability, he is shown to exert force as he grunts and his body flashes a quick bright red. This may be because his biological cells may all be 'flapping', or doing some movement that allows him to gain height while shortly revealing the 'insides' of him, hence the flash of red.